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Here in Carpenter Country all eyes are on South Carolina’s primary election. In previous primaries, the winner has been easy to spot. Not this time. And that was making this patient Capricorn antsy.

Image source: Painters of Sultan Murad III, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Image source: Painters of Sultan Murad III, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday, after reading my horoscope, I had a marvelous thought. Why not check out the four contenders’ zodiac signs? Maybe their personality traits would offer a clue as to which candidate would emerge as the front-runner.

The field contained a Pisces, a Taurus, a Gemini and a Leo. I started with Pisces. Those born under that sign are described as honest, unselfish and trustworthy.

The characteristics of a Taurus are stubbornness, strength, and stamina. Gemini are flexible and adaptable. As for Leo, the Lion’s persona was depicted as headstrong, generous and bossy.

Wow! What a bunch of different dispositions. No wonder the pointing-with-pride and viewing-with-alarm debates had been so rowdy and the runoffs unpredictable.

Then I saw the following newsflash: Ophiuchus (o-few-cus), a thirteenth zodiac sign, has joined the other twelve star signs.

This could mean almost everyone’s astrological data has been rearranged…and my zodiac sign may have switched from the Goat to the Archer.

Heck, I might be a hyper Sagittarius instead of a patient Capricorn.

Okay, now I know why I’m antsy.

But what about the candidates? Have their zodiac signs been reshuffled, too? And, good grief, will that make for an even longer slog to the convention hall floor?

Oh, well, since Sagittarians are avid wanderers, I’ll just take a hike around the block while I’m waiting to find out.


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