Yea or Nay?

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Thank goodness it’s almost Election Day.

Here in Carpenter Country, we can hardly wait for an end to all the political campaigning and negative ads.

Quite possibly politicians will be happy to see November 7th come and go too. After all, being bashed by your opponent hardly seems like fun.

At a recent “Meet the Candidates” rally, hopeful public servants and present incumbents introduced their families, ate the local cuisine, smiled, shook hands with everybody, then pointed nasty fingers at each other.

Smiling, shaking innumerable hands, plus getting flogged while eating rubbery food has to be a hard way to make a living. And endorsing those political mudslinging ads can’t be much fun either.

Everyone knows most politicians like each other. Even those who aren’t running are out campaigning for fellow party members. Yet they go around bashing one another with words that if used in everyday life would lead to a lawsuit.

Surveys suggest negative ads work. Most people, and some politicians, say they’re a turn-off. Maybe the following short bipartisan referendum should be placed on the ballot.

* Only those candidates running for election will be allowed to campaign. All politicians not running for any office will remain at their desks and take care of the nation’s business.

* Candidates can talk all they want about themselves and their accomplishments, as long as it’s the truth.

* Mudslinging will be abolished.

A vote of Yea or Nay is all that’s needed. We’re standing by to count the results.

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