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Here in Carpenter Country we love words. To us, a day spent putting the right words together is a good day. Songwriters must feel the same way when they pen new lyrics.

Words have power. They can make us happy or sad, convey a promise, a command, a signal or a rumor.

There are good words like “I love you.”

Bad words like “You’re fired!” If you watch The Apprentice, you’ll notice that final line often leaves people wordless.

But “you’re fired” isn’t the only conversation stopper. Other combinations of words such as, “your Uncle Joe is a slob”, “you look terrible”, “what’s wrong with you”, “I don’t know” and “I don’t care” will do the job too.

The right words can teach. They offer suggestions, feedback, accolades. The wrong words are usually spoken loudly, with sarcasm, a frown or a phony smile. On occasion they’ve brought down kings, queens, even presidents.

Some of us are wordy and can go on forever. Wordy people are the ones those of few words like to hang out with.

Words can be spoken in different tones. They can be softly tranquil, loudly piping, stressfully sharp. They can also be worrisome, ineffectual or pompous. People use words in many ways. To argue, promise, comment and chat.

But the best words of all are kind words.

They are the keys to happiness.

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