Women and Investing

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Men are better at investing than women.

That statement drives Carpenter Country’s short, mature investor crazy–mostly because she once believed the myth.

But a reality check showed that intelligent women were no different than intelligent men. Both could quickly learn the basics.

The first step was to study investment language. In a short time words like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Treasuries, annuities, IRAs and dozens of other financial terms became part of her jargon.

As soon as the lingo was memorized, and a few other concepts, like value and emerging trends, were absorbed, she realized investing was almost the same as shopping. You identified what you wanted to buy. Compared prices. Purchased the merchandise. And if the item didn’t fit or live up to your expectations, you exchanged it.

So, to those who claim men are better at investing than women, the short one has this to say: A woman is nobody’s fool. She can master financial concepts and become a savvy investor.

Even more important, if a few theories elude her, she’ll consult an expert for advice and directions.

What could be smarter than that?

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