Which Way?

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According to a recent traffic survey, the lack of clear signage at the junction of Right Way and Wrong Way continues to cause trouble for motorists.

“This confusion has been going on for years,” says A. Quandry, a commuter who gets stuck at the busy corner nearly every day. “Why is it so difficult to figure out which way to go?”

Decision engineers say part of the problem lies in the fact that Right Way and Wrong Way look very similar, at least initially. Both are well paved with Intentions, a clear, gel-like substance designed to smooth out potholes and make travel in any direction seem appealing. And both get you where you’re going, especially if you’re not sure of your destination.

The differences appear only after the first crook in the road. Even then, Right Way and Wrong Way are remarkably alike. Many drivers, unaware they’ve gone astray, continue on until they reach The Point of No Return, when reversing course is no longer an option.

Ms. Quandry has come up with a solution. She says drivers should be trained to use Moral Positioning Devices to help them make an informed choice when they arrive at the intersection. She’s started a campaign to alert others to the perils of navigating Right Way and Wrong Way without proper equipment.

So far she’s had mixed results. Many people are annoyed when she attempts to point them in a particular direction.

“Right Way, Wrong Way, who cares?” says one disgruntled motorist. “I’m going My Way.”

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