Weighty Matters

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Sometimes we need a friend to give us a heads-up because we never see ourselves as clearly as others see us.

Here in Carpenter Country, the short one’s gaining weight. Her brain is aware the pounds are piling up because the numbers on the bathroom scale keep climbing and the zipper on her jeans no longer zips. Yet when she looks in the hall mirror do her eyes see Chubby Tubby? No. All they see is Skinny Mini.

And what’s the cause of the blind spot–a faulty mirror, mind over matter or oblivion to the obvious? Who knows…but it happened once before.

In the days when she was young and bouncy and thought she could eat anything and everything without gaining an ounce, she packed on twenty pounds of extra blubber and cellulite.

Yet somehow she never noticed her double chin, heavier thighs or ever-widening butt. Then, just as now, when she looked in the mirror, she saw only a slim, trim, shapely form.

What finally tuned her into reality?

It happened the day she overheard a friend say–“She’s almost as wide as a barn door.”

After that attention-getter, the short one started counting calories while pushing the pedals on her stationary bike into high gear. Pretty soon the weight she never saw began to come off.

But what worked then isn’t working now.

And even though there are words of wisdom everywhere about how to lose weight, the short one is sure the only thing that’s going to work for her is another wake-up call.

So, all together, everybody, please yell–Boy, she’s getting fat!

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