Weather Confusion

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What’s with the weather? One day it’s warm, the next day it’s cold. Could this be global warming? Or maybe Mother Nature is getting forgetful and doesn’t remember Daylight Saving Time and the Spring Equinox are just around the corner.

Whatever–all this switching back and forth is confusing everything.

In Carpenter Country’s neck of the woods, the dogwoods and azaleas are having a hard time trying to decide if they should bloom. They’re putting out one flower at a time as if they’re testing the air.

The birds are equally undecided. The tweet of the day seems to be–should we build a nest and get busy with egg-laying or go hide in the bushes for another month?

And of course the crazy weather has the short one guessing.

Each morning she looks out the window and wonders–is it winter or is it spring? What’s the dress code for today–long sleeves and slacks or shorts and tees? Last week she called the weather station, but nobody there knew any more than the birds and the flowers.

What the short one does know is she’s tired of feeling cold. This is March in the sunny south, for Pete’s sake, and her bathing suit is still tucked in the dresser drawer.

She’s ready for summer or at the very least a shot of global warming. So here’s her message for Mother Nature–or whoever is running the show these days.

Quit goofing around and bring on some heat!

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