Waterfront Living

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Many of us dream of living near a body of water. Some long for a cottage along the shores of a sun-kissed lake. Others favor a home near a quiet pond.

Here in Carpenter Country, our ideal location would be a beach house on a long stretch of sandy coastline backed by the music of ocean waves.

Ah, peace and tranquility.

Or maybe not?

It seems that people who own beach houses have a lot of worries. They fret about rising taxes and out-of-sight insurance premiums. Or worst case scenario, no insurance at all.

They’re anxious about beach erosion. They fear a hurricane could blow their house down, and they’re annoyed by the number of regulations they’d face before they could rebuild.

Residents of lakeside cottages appear to be sitting on pins and needles, too. They’re troubled by air boaters and water skiers. Distressed by lakes that rise and fall, leaving docks underwater or standing on dry land.

Homeowners residing near ponds seem to feel the least troubled, though they do mention mosquitoes and alligators a lot.

You’d think with so much nail-biting information flying around, all the houses on every body of water would be up for sale. The truth is few are.

So maybe all this cautionary advice is just a scare tactic to keep others away from some really wonderful places to live?

Is it possible the people who hang their hats in homes along today’s dwindling landscape of water really mean: our nagging concern is that you’ll move here?

We’ll let you know as soon as we find our waterfront home.

Meanwhile we’ll keep envisioning peace and tranquility.

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