Waiting for Spring

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Frosty mornings. Hot afternoons. Churning breezes. Storm-whipped clouds. Ever wonder why spring is so capricious?

Here in Carpenter Country we’re eager to bask in the warm sun. Our camera stands ready to capture the gorgeous fuchsias and pinks of an azalea in bloom. Bean, corn and tomato seed packets line the windowsills waiting to be planted.

So why doesn’t the wind stop changing direction and settle into a southerly flow?

As if rejecting our thought, skies gray, rain pours down, a gale spins the weather vane in a circle. Even the birds and squirrels seek shelter. Instead of watching flowers unfurl and sowing veggie seeds in sun-kissed earth, we’re forced to haul out thick winter blankets.

Then, as quickly as it blew in, the storm subsides. Fair weather returns. Sunshine beams down. Pansies raise their heads. Grass greened by the rain stands tall. As we watch the yard come alive, we feel like laughing out loud.

Spring feeds our body and soul. Hopefully today the yo-yoing is over and our favorite time of year is here to stay.

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