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Did you take your vitamin today?

Safe to say that’s probably a daily refrain in most households. It sure is here in Carpenter Country. We’ve consumed those vim, vigor and vitality filled potions ever since mom waved the first spoonful of cod liver oil under our noses.

Vitamins are something we’d planned to take forever. After all, for years studies devoted to this subject have told us these little wonder pills prevented colds, improved vision, lowered the risk of bone fractures, warded off heart disease and eased many other problems our bodies were unable to cope with on their own.

But now, much to our surprise, we’re hearing a different story. Recent research has found vitamins may not be as beneficial as once thought–and taking megadoses might even be unhealthy.

While we were wondering what to do with our two hundred-caplet supply another study came out. This one indicated that the risk with taking too many vitamins was most likely small, so swallowing one nutrient a day probably couldn’t cause any harm.

Most likely? Probably? Hardly reassuring words, we thought, and decided to deep-six our batch of energizing vitality.

On the way to the trash bin we noticed the date on the bottle. Our supplements would soon be over the hill anyway. That’s when we remembered a just released study about expiration dates on most products being unnecessary and often misleading.

So if anyone asks did you take your vitamin today, our answer is no.

But we’re still full of vim and vigor.

And with most outdates ousted, our wallets are feeling great too.

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