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Vacations are great. But there’s usually good and bad stuff that happens before the actual trip. Carpenter Country’s short one calls it the FRHW=Ah Hah factor.

The first letter stands for fun and begins during the planning stage. Brochures arrive at the office from various sections of the country, pile up on her desk, and get dog-eared from use. Where to go, what to see become important questions requiring lots of research.

After the fun is finalized and paid for, the R for reward kicks in. It goes like this: During a party, luncheon or meeting, someone will say, “Tomorrow we leave for Istanbul.”

To which the short one just loves to reply, “Let me tell you where I’m going.”

While the reward is still causing euphoria, the hectic or H part of the formula rears its ugly head. A partial list includes–making honey-do lists, dragging out suitcases, cramming in blouses, jeans and shoes, then sitting on the bags until they snap shut.

When that’s done, it’s time for the big W–worry. Passport, money, credit card, where are they? Hope we get to the airport on time. Will this belt buckle make the security monitors beep? What if the flight is cancelled!

And at last, settled on board, listening to the plane roar down the runway, the short one hears the pilot say: It looks like a beautiful day and we expect to arrive at our destination on time.

That’s when the Ah-Hah factor clicks into place.

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