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Some people can organize an invigorating, revitalizing, fun-filled vacation in a moment. In Carpenter Country mapping out such a trip took one of us (and a friend) most of last year.

The first question was where to go? Followed by where to stay? Then, how to get there? And what else is entertaining in that particular area?

Next came making reservations, the actual flight to our starting destination, meeting the friend and hitting the road.

We’re ambitious, so our itinerary included a cookout with relatives, an afternoon at the racetrack and a day in Atlantic City.

From there we moved on to touring the Liberty Bell museum, visiting historic sites, riding through the Amish countryside, shopping in a brand new mall and seeing a hilarious play.

We also dined until we were stuffed, hiked until our feet hurt–and kept getting lost.

One morning it took half an hour to find a train station our map said was four minutes from the hotel. The train was chugging away as we pulled into the parking lot.

Another frantic drive around countless city blocks and umpteen corners brought us to a museum just as the doors were closing.

But all those “where-in-the-world-are-we” moments failed to dampen our spirits. We had a great time, quite a few laughs and learned a valuable lesson.

Next year planning is out–and taking along someone who can read a map is in.

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