Two Days, One Goal

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Arbor Day and Earth Day–different yet alike?


To explain what we mean, here’s a little bit of history.

Arbor Day came into being because a man named J. Sterling Morton envisioned trees on the plains of the Nebraska Territory. To celebrate the first Arbor Day, April 10th, 1872, the residents of Nebraska planted almost a million trees.

Ten years later, the state decided to honor Arbor Day’s founder by moving the date to April 22nd, his birthday.

Today Arbor Day is celebrated nationwide, as well as overseas. Each location observes the day at different times of the year in accordance with their seasons.

Earth Day can be attributed to Senator Gaylord Nelson. In 1962, Senator Nelson tried to raise the nation’s awareness about the pollution of the environment, but his early efforts went nowhere.

Six long years later, when students across America began speaking out about Vietnam, Senator Nelson saw another opportunity. In 1969 he called for a grassroots demonstration to address the destruction of our land, rivers, lakes and air. Within a few months the outpouring of support overwhelmed his staff.

On April 22, 1970, America had its first official Earth Day. Twenty years went by before another Earth Day was observed. Now it has become an annual event.

This year as always, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd, Arbor Day on April 30th. Here in Carpenter Country we’ll be wielding a garbage bag and a shovel. What better way to spend time than outdoors cleaning up a messy habitat or planting a tree?

Two different days, sharing the same meaning–creating a better future for our beautiful world.

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