Tripping Along

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What happens if–on the third day of a wonderful seven-day cruise to Bermuda–you slip on a wet deck and break an ankle?

The answer: For better or worse you get to experience a whole different kind of cruise.

First you have the privilege of meeting the ship’s doctor, a thoroughly nice person who puts you in an ambulance for a scenic tour of Hamilton, Bermuda. And since you’re the lucky one you get to see what few people ever get to see–the inside of the local emergency room. Soon you’re casted from knee to toe and holding a pair of crutches.

Ah, mobility, you think. This won’t be so bad.

But crutches take dexterity and you have none. The doctor orders a wheelchair before you break the other ankle.

The next day calls for a reevaluation of your injury. But Tropical Storm Harvey is tossing the wind around. The ship moves from the pier to the harbor where a tender awaits.

Three men carry you and your wheelchair down eight wet, slippery steps, then hoist you over the gunwale and into the small bouncing boat.

This time you head for the fracture clinic. Yes, Bermuda has a fracture clinic and it’s full. Mopeds are a popular means of transportation.

Another cast and you’re back in the wheelchair. Luckily you have four friends along on the trip. They seem to enjoy pushing your chair on and off elevators and in and out of activities. At least they say they do. You only hope you’re an easy burden.

As someone hands you a Margarita, you sit back and relax. The ship isn’t exactly Carpenter Country, but if you had to break something, this is as good a place as any to do it.

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