Trekkers and Settlers

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Today in Carpenter Country we’re honoring diversity in people. In this case Trekkers and Settlers.

Trekkers will pack a bag in a minute. To them travel, no matter how hard or for what reason, is an adventure, fun, the chance to explore different places.

Settlers will stow the suitcase in the closet. To them the best adventures can be found at home.

Both have done their part to shape history and make life a little more interesting.

For instance, Native American trekkers took many trips. Every spring and fall the men journeyed north and south following the buffalo. Women stayed home to keep the teepees up and the campfires burning so the tribe could continue to grow.

In Europe, Gypsies carted all their possessions from place to place in family caravans. Some moved to escape famine, to search for work–or maybe they just liked to travel. A few parked their wagons permanently and remained to diversify a culture.

Early settlers wended their way west in every possible conveyance. Most pressed onward to see the Pacific. A lot stopped when they tired, built homesteads and created a nation.

Millions of immigrants sailed to America, disembarked at Ellis Island, spread out all over the country and helped fill the new states. At least that many stayed where they were and reconstructed their homelands.

So here’s a big hooray for Trekkers and Settlers.

In Carpenter Country we have both and each keeps trying to convert the other. Most likely neither will ever make history, but when one packs a bag and the other unpacks it–life can sure get interesting.

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