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Some people like spontaneous vacations. They hop in a car, train, bus or plane and just go. Others are happier with more structure.

Here in Carpenter Country we love to figure out and formulate, make arrangements and map, draw up lists and draft revisions. From the moment we look at the first brochure until we reserve our airline or cruise tickets, we’re busy collecting information. During this time our itinerary shrinks and expands constantly.

On the last excursion, planning was extensive, but it paid off. Though the ten-day ramble covered five states and eight hotels, and involved air travel, car rental and a train ride, everything turned out perfectly. Even the weather co-operated.

Would our trip have gone just as well with less advance preparation?

That’s probably your belief if you’re a traveler for whom great getaways just happen.

But we think what makes getaways great is the planning and anticipation.

Still, whichever road you take, when the idea and the game plan come together, the journey is glorious.

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