Travel Insurance

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What can turn a vacation into a disaster?

a. Losing your suitcases

b. Missing your travel connections

c. Getting hurt or sick

d. All of the above and then some

You’re right, it’s a trick question. Each answer is correct. But no matter which one you chose, travel insurance could make an unanticipated calamity less costly.

What does travel insurance cover? The mishaps listed in answers “a”, “b”, and “c” above, for starters. Other coverages include trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, emergency surgery and dental care. Transportation to a medical facility can also be included.

Note: As with most types of insurance, certain exclusions apply. A partial list: Acts of war, mountain climbing, sky diving, unlawful acts.

How much does it cost? Premiums are based on the price of your trip. For instance, if your costs fall into the $651-800 range, a package can be purchased for $55 per person.

Do I need it? The answer depends on what other insurance you have—some of which might not leap readily to mind. For instance, if you pay for your vacation with a credit card, you may be automatically covered for some mishaps, at no extra cost.

As an illustration, charging your commercial airline ticket in advance may mean you’re eligible for accidental death insurance. Another possible credit card benefit: Rental car collision coverage.

Other existing insurance that can offer various forms of travel protection include your automobile, homeowner’s and health policies.

Travel insurance can add peace of mind to your vacation plans. Just make sure you’re not paying for duplicate coverage.

Then enjoy your trip, worry-free.

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