Tranquil State

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The latest news from the talking heads is that Carpenter Country is going down the tubes.

Well, not just the short one’s small space, but the entire fifty-three-thousand-plus square miles of land mass that comprises the state where she lives.

The reasons–-housing foreclosures, ever increasing taxes, higher priced or nonexistent homeowner’s insurance, over the moon unemployment, topped off by two electric utilities asking for big dollar rate increases.

So, what’s to be done about these critical problems? No one seems quite sure–except the short one. Her idea is–do nothing.

For the next few heartbeats how about if we quit worrying and enjoy the shorter lines at the supermarket checkout, the less crowded restaurants, the almost uncluttered roads and the nearly empty beaches.

Without all the hustle and bustle it’s easier to listen to the roar of the ocean. Marvel at the rainbow of color in a Gulf sunset. Watch the night sky turn a deep, dark velvet and then light up with bursts of lightning or millions of stars.

Soon enough the serenity of Paradise will give way to the next building boom. Then the sapphire skies will refill with the roar of planes. The streets will echo with the bluster of traffic. The smell of diesel fuel will clog the air. Nighttime will be cluttered with ever expanding light pollution.

For the moment, the land of sunshine and sand is restful, peaceful, hushed and calm. Before a new round of progress rattles the subterranean waterways and causes sinkholes to open beneath our feet–

–let’s savor this wonderful state of tranquility.

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