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We’ve written about book bubbles before, but we figure publicity is a topic authors are always interested in–especially when it’s free. Besides, bubbles just seem appropriate for a new year’s eve post.

So this Top Drawer Tip is about…book bubbles! Book bubbles are snapshots of your book, including your bio, website and buy links, as well as a synopsis, excerpt and “author insight”, which is a bit of conversation between you and your readers about why you believe so strongly in your book’s premise.

The link above is to the post about the bubble we created for our indie New-Adult novella Jack and The Fountain of Youth.

We think book bubbles are fun to create, as well as an opportunity for great publicity, and, in addition to Jack and The Fountain of Youth, we published a bubble for our latest release, the satirical short story The Demise of Fyne Literature

Fyne Book Bubble

Book Bubble for The Demise of Fyne Literature by HL Carpenter

…as well as for our first book, the young adult novel The SkyHorse

Book bubble for The SkyHorse by HL Carpenter

Book bubble for The SkyHorse by HL Carpenter

…and also for an installment of Jack and The Fountain of Youth.

Book bubble Jack and The Fountain of Youth, Installment 16 by HL Carpenter

Book bubble for Jack and The Fountain of Youth, Installment 16 by HL Carpenter

Here’s the free publicity part: You can share your finished book bubbles via FaceBook, Twitter or email, and the company that offers these bubbles also shares them on social media, as well as their web site.

So how do you get a free book bubble of your own? Here’s the link to the Bublish website. Pop on over and check out the terms of service. Then all you need is to have your book, or the section of it you want to excerpt, ready in e-pub format so you can upload it. There are several free resources for creating an e-pub if you don’t already have your book in that format. Naturally, the copyright to your book remains with you.

We’re not in any way affiliated with Bublish. We just appreciate fun and free opportunities for publicity. And, of course, we like bubbles. 🙂

Have a happy, prosperous, bubbly new year!


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