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Top Drawer Tip — Bargain e-Books

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Image Source: Screenshot of Bargain e-Books blog
Image Source: Screenshot of Bargain e-Books blog

Are you a reader looking for reasonably priced e-books? Are you a writer looking for a place to connect with readers looking for reasonably priced e-books?

In either case, Bargain e-Books is the site you’ve been searching for. Blog owner and author Holly Hook spotlights a new book every day, and sends emails to subscribers detailing the book’s title, author, genre, price, blurb, review snippets, and links to the vendors where you can buy the book as well as to the author’s website.

Holly’s service is free for both readers and writers, and she offers an added benefit for writers–a link exchange that helps grow traffic on your site and hers.

Our short story, The Demise of Fyne Literature, is featured on the Bargain e-Books site today. Click on over and take a look. While you’re there, sign up to get daily emails of new posts, and learn how you can submit your own book.

We’re not affiliated with Holly, nor with Bargain e-Books. As readers, we value the chance to learn about new books in a variety of genres. As writers, we appreciate the opportunity to reach potential readers of our own books. As both, we thank Holly for her generosity.


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