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Top Drawer Tip — 3D Cover Images

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Yay! Top Drawer Tips are back! In a new format, of course, to go with everything else that’s being updated in Carpenter Country, but back nonetheless.

Today’s Tip: The 3D Book Cover Image.

You might have noticed the book covers on our site are not the usual flat pretty-but-plain images, like this:

thedemiseoffyneliterature-510 final

Instead, we use the 3D eye-candy version, like this:

3D Cover 2 Fyne Compressed

We just think the 3D covers look nicer.

If you agree, and are wondering how to make your own 3D book covers–for free, this tip is for YOU. 🙂

All you have to do is go here and follow the easy-peasy directions. (The link will open a new tab in your browser window and take you to another site.)

One note: For The Demise of Fyne Literature cover, we used a different image from the one linked to in the post, primarily because Fyne is a short story, which would naturally look thinner than a book. You can find lots of public domain blank cover images with a simple Google search, and one is sure to match your vision for your e-book.

So go ahead, be bold. Make a cover of your own! Creating a 3D cover is simple, fun, and free–and your books will look great!

P.S. Aren’t you glad Top Drawer Tips are back?


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