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Top Drawer News — Two chickens and a bell

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No, the post title is not a joke, but an accurate reflection of our authorial journeys. Our travels took us to the websites of two author friends who featured different chicken recipes. We fixed the doorbell too, after the repair person tossed a part. So…two chickens and a bell. That’s life when you’re keeping up with the Carpenters.

Barbeque chicken was the recipe of the day over at Sloane Taylor’s blogspot. This is a delicious meal or side dish made even more convenient with a crockpot. Try out this simple meal the next time you’re feeling saucy.

Screen capture of HL Carpenter's barbeque chicken recipe on Sloane Taylor's blog
Image source: Screen capture by HL Carpenter

Thanks for featuring our recipe, Sloane!

The second chicken (recipe) of the week was chicken soup, shared on the website of author friend Chris Pavesic . You too can soup up the chicken with this easy recipe!

Screen capture of HL Carpenter's chicken soup recipe as featured on Chris Pavesic's blog
Image source: Screen capture by HL Carpenter

Thanks, Chris!

This week’s book bubble wraps up our trio of travels. Read about our doorbell repair adventure. Then consider what is vital yet unnoticed in your life that you might be overlooking.

Screen capture of book bubble by HL Carpenter titled Dumping the Diode

Have you heard any good jokes this week?



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