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Top Drawer News — To the library we go

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We’re library fans here in Carpenter Country, and this week we were honored to have two of our books accepted into the collection of a local library. Yep, that’s us up there, right beside those big-name best-selling authors. How great is that? 🙂

Image source: N. Carpenter


We talked about libraries in this week’s book bubble too. You can read our thoughts here, and then check out last week’s bubble, where we talked about writing what we like.

Image source: Screen Capture by HL Carpenter


After our trip to the library, we went to see author friend C.D. Hersh and bake fish and hush puppies. Hey, hardworking authors have to eat! Click here for the recipe.

Image source: HL Carpenter


We stopped at the Write Way Cafe this week too, and visited with Lynn and HiDee. We had a great time talking about smoke and mirrors and our book, Walled In. Many thanks to Lynn and HiDee for being such great hosts. If you’re looking to promote your books, we highly recommend a visit to the Cafe!

Image source: Photo by Saffu on Unsplash


Later, we traveled (virtually) to Wales, and invited author TL Clark to visit Top Drawer Ink and tell us about the cats and dragons in her romance books. We’re happy to say she accepted our invitation and had very interesting research to share. Click here to learn about strange folk with glowing eyes who live in the Welsh woods.

Image source: Pixaby (supplied by TL Clark)


Finally, we had to look up our word of the week: prosody. Ah, the beauty of language!

Image source: Screen capture by HL Carpenter


And now, our beautiful friends, tell us what’s new with you this week.



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