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Here in Carpenter Country, we don’t always travel in the same direction as everyone else. No, we’re not rebels…well, not entirely. We’re simply not convinced tried-and-true is the only path to any destination. Sort of like the way we don’t always drink orange juice for breakfast even though we live in the south. Sometimes we like tomato juice instead. Such mavericks, eh?

And yet, we’re not always wandering off the beaten trail. Last week, we wrote a book bubble about letting go, a feeling shared by our author friends. We also shared an excerpt from our new middle grade novel, The Ghost in The Gardens. If you missed the bubble, you can read it here.

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In this week’s book bubble, we talk about the desire to continue the story once a book is finished. For some writers, that desire would lead to a sequel. But we took a different path at the end of The Ghost in The Gardens. Read the bubble to find out what readers can expect once they reach the final page of Chrys’s story. Then let us know what you think of our alternative. (For those who are looking forward to meeting a ghost, the bubble includes the first chapter.)

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We talk about the path we took with The Ghost in The Gardens in an author interview on The Write Way Café too—or rather, the path the story took us on. Our thanks to HiDee and Lynn for inviting us into the Café this week to discuss the trek involved in writing The Ghost in The Gardens. If you’re an author, we highly recommend you get in touch with HiDee and Lynn. They’re very easy to work with!

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And speaking of different paths, one of them led us to try consignment sales at a bookstore in California. The result? This week, we were happily surprised to see our cozy mystery, A Cause for Murder, in the hands of a smiling book club reader! Special thanks to author friend Gina Briganti for mentioning this idea to us.

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And finally, we’d like to introduce new author friend Dennis Fried, who also travels his own writing path. In this week’s story behind the story on Top Drawer Ink, Denny says knew he was talking to a canine genius when Genevieve the Papillon barktated her observations to him. Click on over to Top Drawer Ink to read about Genevieve the author-dog.


Where has your path led you this week?





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