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Top Drawer News — Talking ’bout the weather

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Image source: USFWS Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


We’re weather watchers here in Carpenter Country, and spring is one of our favorite weather-watching seasons. Like Mark Twain, we have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four-and-twenty hours during a Carpenter Country spring.

Of course, to paraphrase Twain’s friend and co-author, Charles Dudley Warner, we talk about the weather a lot, but we don’t do much about it. 🙂

This week, we talked about the weather in our book bubble, and why, as writers, we like to study it–or at least why we say we like to study it.

Image source: HL Carpenter screen capture


This week’s story behind the story over on Top Drawer Ink also features weather. Author J.R. Lindermuth writes about how he used a historical weather event to up the stakes in his mystery novel. As a side note, this storm affected the weather nationwide in the US, including the normally-sunny south. We heard about it from a friend, now deceased, whose family history included the tale of a citrus grove lost due to the severe cold.

Image source: asoggetti on Unsplash


Weather is the focus of our word of the week too. The beautiful image at the top of the post is a fogbow, a rainbow’s less-colorful-but-still-gorgeous cousin. Fogbows are also called white rainbows, cloudbows, or ghost rainbows. They’re less colorful than rainbows because the water drops inside a fog are smaller than raindrops.


Image source: Screen capture by HL Carpenter


How’s the weather where you are?



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