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Top Drawer News — Spotting a ghost

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On June 17, we’ll see a ghost here in Carpenter Country…and you’ll see the same ghost!

Nope, we’re not crazy. Well, maybe a little. Or maybe just half-crazed. No matter, we’re also really happy to tell you that our middle grade mystery, The Ghost in The Gardens, has a scheduled release date of June 17!

The Ghost in The Gardens is the story of of ten-year-old Chrysantha Howe, who discovers a rare plant and gets caught up in a murder mystery. Chrys has plenty to be anxious about as summer vacation starts. A ghost has taken to inhabiting her dreams, she’s fighting with her best friend, and she has to share her coveted school-break project with The Nuisance Dalton Dyer. Hanging over all these problems is the unsolved mystery of her favorite teacher’s disappearance.

As the ghostly dreams take a too-real menacing turn and the arguments with her best friend erupt into serious conflict, Chrys discovers Dalton Dyer is hiding what could be a dangerous secret. And when the mystery of her favorite teacher’s disappearance veers toward a horrifying solution—one that implicates a family member—Chrys learns she’s been worrying far too much about the wrong things. With friendship and family at stake, she struggles to right her suddenly upended world.

We know you’ll enjoy meeting Chrys as much as we enjoyed writing about her. She’s a determined young lady who combines her love of the plant world with wit, intelligence, and a strong sense of family to overcome challenges.

We think you’ll really like the book cover too…and we can’t wait to reveal it on May 31. Between now and then, you’ll be seeing posts about what inspired us to write The Ghost in The Gardens, as well as excerpts and the first chapters.

Are you ready to see a ghost?

Find out more about the print and ebook release of The Ghost in The Gardens on Mirror World Publishing’s website.




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