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Top Drawer News — Soup, hyacinths, and a canine con artist

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Image source: HL Carpenter

This week, our travels around the internet were varied…and in some cases, ephemeral. But interesting—always interesting!

First stop: the blog of author friend C.D. Hersh, who featured our chicken soup recipe. Nope, soup is not ephemeral, a fact we’re grateful for on cold days.

Image source: Screen capture by HL Carpenter

Thank you, C&D for your continued support!

Then we traveled to our ephemeral interview with Rita Lee Chapman, who posted our author interview—but only for the week!

In the interest of posterity, we recreated the interview on our site, and you can click here to read about how we were conned by Woody, a canine con artist.

Image source: Screen capture by HL Carpenter

Thanks, Rita, for letting us share your blog for the week!

In our book bubble, Here Today, we talk about a gorgeous—and short-lived—hyacinth making the most of life in a glass bud vase. Beauty—and life—can sure be ephemeral, can’t they?

Image source: HL Carpenter

And over on the Mirror World Publishing blog, our warrior princess Zinnie is getting into more trouble—trouble she hopes is ephemeral. You’ll have to read along with us next week to find out if her hopes come true.

Click here to read installment 7 of our serialized short story, The Adventures of Flower Girl.

Image source: Screen capture by HL Carpenter

Did you miss any of the earlier installments of The Adventures of Flower Girl?

Catch up with Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, and Part 6 here.

That’s our news for the week! What’s up with you? Are you making the most of this ephemeral time known as “today”?



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