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Screenshot by HL Carpenter

Screenshot by HL Carpenter

Today is Labor Day here in the US, so we’re…laboring! Well, not exactly, because doing what we enjoy isn’t really “laboring.”

And at what, you may ask, are we not-laboring?

We’re being interviewed! And we’re delighted that the interview is featured on Michael Brookes’s blog, The Cult of Me, today.

Michael lives in the UK. He’s a writer, a blogger, and a game developer–all in all, a very busy man! We really appreciate him taking time out of his own laboring (or rather, labouring) to ask us a few questions about our work and our book, Walled In.

If you’re a writer looking for a guest post or interview opportunity, drop Michael an email. He hosts monthly writing contests too! They’re free to enter and offer great prizes. We can attest to the fact that Michael’s very accommodating and friendly–and very willing to help out other authors! We enjoyed our interview, even though we didn’t actually get to travel to the UK in person. Maybe next time…

If you’re a reader looking for good books, check out the reviews and author interviews and guest posts on Michael’s blog. You’re sure to find something to your liking!

And while you’re visiting The Cult of Me, take a look at Michael’s books. If you sign up for his newsletter, he’ll send you a free one!


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