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Image source: Anonymous [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Image source: Anonymous [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Our thanks to Clarissa Johal, author of five-star paranormal and horror books including STRUCK and Between. If you haven’t yet read her books, you’re missing out!

But the reason we’re thanking her has nothing to do with her books. We appreciate Clarissa for tagging us as the next participants in the “My Writing Process” blog tag tour!

What’s a blog tag tour? In a blog tag tour, participants are asked to answer questions, then “tag” others to answer the same questions on their own blogs. Readers click from blog to blog to read the different answers.

In this tour, the questions are about how authors write. Here are our responses.

What are you currently working on?

We’re hard at work on the first draft of a themed collection of contemporary short stories set in an adult housing community. Besides that, we have a young adult novel in the rough-draft stage, one more cooling off and waiting for a first revision, and a middle grade novel that’s in the final stage of revision.

All of those will take a while to complete, so the next thing we’ll release will probably be a mystery cozy for adult readers. Since this book still needs polishing, we’re considering a fall publication date.

 How does your writing process work?

We start with an idea, which can come from many sources, such as a line from a news article, or a trivia item that catches our attention. Then we work up a character sheet and create a story summary. Finally, we take turns writing each section of the story, and passing the document back and forth. Once a story is done in rough draft form, we set it aside for a cooling-off period, then we start the revision process.

 How does your work differ from others of its genre?

Because we write as a team, we have to meld two points of view into a single voice. We think that gives our work a unique perspective. The process certainly gives our characters a lot of experience to draw on!

 Why do you write what you do?

We write in many genres because we’re easily bored and we like to switch things up to keep ourselves—and our work—fresh and interesting. As to why we write at all, that’s easy. We enjoy writing. Sometimes the process is frustrating, but mostly we have fun.

So who’s up next on the tag tour? We’re glad you asked!

We tagged two authors:

Deborah McKnight, author of the novel Of Dreams and Shadow. Visit her blog, Novel Notions, to learn about Deb and read an excerpt of her novel. Click here to go directly to her Writing Process post.

Kate Larkindale, author of An Unstill Life. Visit Kate’s blog, Fiction and Film, to read her musings on writing, publishing and a day job in the film business–and, of course, her writing process.


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