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Top Drawer News — Biding time

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We’re usually not good at biding our time here in Carpenter Country. But baking bread, serialized short stories, frosty days, and self-acceptance require patience, so we attempted to dredge up that precious commodity this week.

And our patience was rewarded. Mirror World Publishing posted Part 5 of our short story, The Adventures of Flower Girl. Poor Zinnie, she’s caught up in a storm…

Image source: Screenshot by HL Carpenter

Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, and Part 4 here.

The bread-baking took place over at Gina Briganti’s blog. Our thanks to Gina for featuring our mystery, Murder by the Books, along with our bread and a discussion of commas.

Image source: Screenshot by HL Carpenter

A recent frost is the subject of this week’s book bubble. During the chill, under the glittering rime of ice, the garden waits.

Image source: Screenshot by HL Carpenter

And over on Top Drawer Ink, where we feature the story-behind-the-story of books, author TL Clark takes the time to put lessons learned about self-love to good use by incorporating them into a tale of woe and wit.

Image source: Screenshot by HL Carpenter

We’re always happy to feature the story-behind-the-story of YOUR book on Top Drawer Ink.

Click here for submission details.

That’s the news from Carpenter Country for this week! What’s happening in your neck of the human experience?



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