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Top Drawer News — Believing in the ghost

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You don’t have to believe in ghosts to enjoy reading books about ghosts. Here in Carpenter Country, we’re both readers and writers. We believe in the power of fiction, which by definition is unreal, though not necessarily untrue. We think the best fiction is a slightly askew version of what is generally considered reality, a fantasy world with enough touchstones to feel familiar and yet not-quite-the-same.

Justine Dowsett of Mirror World Publishing posted a blog this week about why she chooses to read escapism fiction. While reading her post, we were happy to learn a non-fiction fact–The Ghost in The Gardens is Mirror World’s thirtieth book. We’re a milestone! So much better than being a millstone!


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We don’t know if Cheryl Carpinello of Carpinello’s Writing Pages believes in ghosts. She does believe in writers, though, and she was kind enough to feature our author interview this week. We told her how The Ghost in The Gardens came to be.

Spoiler alert: we didn’t see a ghost. 🙂

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Believing in ghosts is the topic in this week’s book bubble too.

Warning: A test is involved, but you get to grade yourself. 🙂

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We’re happy to report that a baker’s dozen of fellow authors and friends *do* believe in at least one ghost–ours! Yes, The Ghost in The Gardens goes on tour this week with thirteen stops scheduled! How spooky is that? We hope you’ll follow along as our ghost travels the interwebz during the week and the below links go live.

Tour Schedule:


June 18 – Happy Release Day!!


Leigh Goff  – Exclusive Excerpt 


Sharon Ledwith: I came. I saw. I wrote. – Exclusive Excerpt 

Mirror World Publishing – Spotlight 


June 19

T’s Stuff – Exclusive Excerpt 


Sapphyria’s Books – Spotlight


June 20


Karlee Kay – Spotlight 


YA/NA Book Divas – Spotlight 


Saph’s Books – Spotlight


June 21


Jojo Debrazza – Exclusive Excerpt


Word Forward – Spotlight 


Sapphyria’s Book Promotions – Spotlight 


June 22


Girl with Pen – Exclusive Excerpt 


Tales from the Bayou… – Spotlight


Finally, our word of the week is eidolism. Well, of course it is! What else would we choose?

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Do you believe?





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