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Top Drawer News — A Self-Published Sunday Interview

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Image source: screenshot of Novel Notions blog
Image source: screenshot of Novel Notions blog

Deborah McKnight, author of the novel, Of Dreams and Shadow, was kind enough to share space with us today on her blog, Novel Notions.

We talked about Jack, one of our favorite guys, who is also the hero of our indie novella, Jack and The Fountain of Youth.

We really appreciate Deb’s generosity to us, and to other indie authors.

While we were visiting, we took another look around Deb’s blog. We’ve been thinking lately about what makes a good author blog–and we believe Deb has all the elements. Her blog is uncluttered, easy to read, and offers a nice mix of insights into Deb’s personality and her work. It’s a place you’ll want to visit often, to chat and catch up on what’s going on in her world.

If you’re investigating ideas for your own blog, we think Novel Notions offers some great ideas in format, layout, and content.

Why not click over to Novel Notions, and let Deb know what a great job she has done with her blog?

P.S. While you’re there, check out our interview, and leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!


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