Tomorrow’s Home

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Here in Carpenter Country, the short one’s been thinking about selling her home and moving. Not that there’s anything wrong with the house she’s living in. Thanks to the guy who shares her space, it’s in good shape.

She’d just like to be closer to the ocean side of the state because she loves the sun and surf.

As she searched various east coast newspapers for re-sales, she found a variety of choices. Yet none produced an Ah, hah! moment until she came across an article about the home of the future.

It seemed such a house could be built anywhere and customized to the owner’s specifications.


The first thing she’d do is have it equipped with voice and facial recognition technology. That way her smart home would know who she was and she wouldn’t need a door key. One less thing to lose in the sand.

Interactive sensors could also be installed to provide weather reports for any surfside trip she might be planning. The bathroom would contain a medicine chest organized enough to remind her to put on sunscreen.

And how about a full length closet mirror ready to offer suggestions on which bathing suit to wear so she’d look slim and trim. Or a kitchen countertop touting picnic suggestions from ingredients already stored in the pantry. Even better–rooms that dust and vacuum themselves.

Too bad the concept is only a gleam in the eyes of a few forward-thinking builders. If such innovative housing were available today…

…we could all spend a lot more time at the beach.

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