Essay — To Switch or Not to Switch

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Good grief, where have the months gone? Tomorrow is the start of Daylight Saving Time–again. Some love it. Some hate it. And some don’t care. Personally, I dislike changing all my clocks, mainly because I usually miss one or two, which eventually causes a calamity.

But that’s another story.

Getting back to right now–I’ve always assumed federal law mandated that clocks had to be reset in the spring and the fall. Not so. Any state or area in the US can switch or not switch simply by passing a law. Hawaii and certain areas in Arizona opted out years ago.

So, if I’m tired of springing forward and falling back, it’s possible to get my state to rescind DST. Of course, I’d have to voice a very loud protest since studies show there are several good reasons to support the biannual clock adjustment.

For instance, resetting the time serves as a reminder to replace batteries in smoke detectors. Longer daylight hours seem to be linked to higher voter turn out as well as lower rates of violent nighttime crime.

And in late 1990, terrorists, not realizing they were in a time switching zone, set the wrong hour on their bomb timing device. The earlier-than-anticipated blast zapped them instead of their victims.

Wow! Who knew? Maybe I should go from hating DST to loving it. Or better yet, I could move to Hawaii.

Then the only thing I’d have to switch would be bathing suits.


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