To Shop…Or Not

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Spring means new merchandise has hit the stores. Ads tout great prices, the latest styles–and here in Carpenter Country, leave us wondering if we’re weird because for us shopping is not a pleasure.

We still own a forty-five year old sweater that cost five dollars. That ancient red wooly gets hauled out of the drawer every winter and, we’re happy to say, is still in good shape. We wear it when we sport around in our seven year old car, which is running just fine, thank you, gets thirty-five miles to the gallon, and is parked in the garage of our forty year old home.

No, none of these items were purchased from eBay. Our red fashion statement came from a store that went bankrupt years ago, probably because they didn’t upgrade their prices and downgrade their merchandise. We bought the house when expensive meant low $20’s, and the auto when quality aspired to a certain degree of excellence and came without a high priced service contract.

Hopefully the pendulum, which has swung from affordable longevity to over-priced immediate extinction is finally moving back to center, not only for clothing styles, but for big ticket items as well.

The latest flash from knowledgeable chattering heads is that homebuilders may soon begin constructing affordable housing. In the near future, automobile manufacturers could improve miles-per-gallon and make a more reliable product. And any day now clothing designers will refuse to change styles until after we get our purchases home from the store.

Are the forecasters of new trends correct? Will quality go up and prices come down? We’re holding our breath and smiling.

That’s what happy shoppers do.

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