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It hardly seems like Easter is right around the corner. Time just keeps marching on.

Here in Carpenter Country, the short one thought it would be great if time stopped moving so fast. She wondered where winter, Palm Sunday and Good Friday had gone. Then she wondered what happened to last year. And finally she crossed her eyes and wondered if she’d ever been young.

When it was pointed out that she had a lot of old friends who could recall her youth, she supposed they also found it hard to believe how fast the years had flown by.

And where did all that time go?

From the looks of the cluttered shelves in the spare room, the answer would be–into scrapbooks, albums and knickknacks.

Opening a box marked “remember when” brings forth a whole collection of mementos that may never appreciate like baseball cards or a Grandma Moses painting. Yet each holds a still-life of a special moment.

Yes, time marches on–until collected photos and souvenirs, like treasured gifts, provide an instant flashback on the past. Then time stops moving and stands absolutely still.

How great is that!

Happy Easter to all.

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