Time to Relax

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Here in Carpenter Country, there’s no snow to shovel, though on occasion frost covers the ground. And that makes it cold enough to actually enjoy the holiday season.

Now the cookies are baked. The decorating is done. Most of the gifts have been bought and wrapped. Christmas plays have all been attended and ohhhed and ahhhhed over. The last thing left to do for 2010 is to finish this essay.

I planned to write something humorous, like how I went shopping without going over my budget or managed to stay healthy while roaming the store aisles. I even considered a piece about what fun it was to cut down on calories.

But who wants to read about someone shopping on a budget or cutting out calories at this time of the year? Even trying to stay germ free in a packed-with-people department store isn’t too amusing when it involves numerous bouts of hand washing.

So, in this last week before the big day, instead of writing about the goody list I made and then halved, or filling a page with a story on eating only fat-free food, or even telling you how I stayed healthy by taking a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer with me wherever I went–

–I’m just going to sit down, relax, pour myself a glass of eggnog, watch the lights twinkle on the fiber optic tree and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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