Time Off

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In Carpenter Country the office calendar is usually filled with lots of goings on. But as the short one flipped the page from September to October, she saw only pristine whiteness. All the deadlines had been met yesterday before her partner left for a fun vacation.

Good grief, she had the rest of the week with nothing to do! She’d go crazy, be bored to tears!

Get a grip, she told herself. There’s always something to work on. But the only thing that came to mind were home jobs like cook, clean, weed and mow.

Heck, that was hardly fun. She needed something more exciting to tackle. As she tried to come up with an idea that would make her motor race, the phone rang.

“Can you get away today?” a friend asked.

“In a heartbeat,” the short one answered.

“Great. We need an extra for Bunco.”

“Count me in. I’ll be right there!”

She disconnected, and the phone chirped again. “There’s a good movie playing tomorrow and it’s free popcorn day.”

“Meet you at twelve,” the short one replied on a smile.

Before she made it to the door there were two more messages. By the time she reached her car she’d committed to a Friday morning shopping trip and an evening fish fry.

Boy, am I busy or what, she thought. Guess I’ll have to do all those domestic chores on Saturday.

Or maybe I should see if I can get a few more days off.

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