Time Change

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Carpenter Country’s short one has never been bothered by the time shift before. In fact last Sunday when Old Sol lit up the sky at 6:30, her first thought was–-Good! Daylight makes it easier to get out of bed.

But by noon, she’d switched to bad, because her stomach had been growling for an hour. And the ugly came on at five forty-five when she decided to head outside for her nightly hike around the block and found the moon rising over the treetops.

It was definitely going to be a long evening.

Countless hours of flat screen murder and mayhem later, the clock chimed good night and she decided to call it quits–-even though she was still wide awake.

Losing sixty minutes had knocked the heck out of her natural circadian rhythm. Worse yet, about the time she’d get it all back together, the clocks would have to be changed again.

And who came up with the idea of moving the hour-hand to and fro anyway?

Oh yeah, that would be Ben Franklin. History mentions he also coined: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Probably just a bit of skewed advice he concocted to promote his daylight saving brainstorm.

Too bad the short one wasn’t around when he weighed in with that troublesome spring/fall routine-–

–it would have been great fun to rearrange his clock!

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