Thinking About Thanksgiving

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The other day I was wondering what would happen if all the satellites suddenly blacked out. It seemed like a crazy question in this age of electronics, but such a meltdown could signal a big change to Turkey Day.

With cell phones dead and computer screens blank, grocery stores couldn’t order all the trimmings for the big feast. There’d be no sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, veggies, dessert or even big bird.

Planes probably couldn’t fly–or if they did, body scanners wouldn’t work so no one could board anyway. Stranded relatives wanting to get to grandma’s house for the holiday might think about driving. Not a good idea.

Why? Because shut-down satellites would mean no GPS, and who remembers how to drive to anybody’s house without electronic directions?

On top of that, what would everyone do when they got there? Lacking a communications network, Kindles, Blackberrys, Notebooks, iPods, iPads and a lot of other things couldn’t function. Which means we’d have to revive the art of conversation.

Good grief! Thanksgiving might need to be canceled.

That’s a scenario none of us should ever have to face. And hopefully such a disaster will never happen.

But just in case, while I’m still able to get online let me quickly wish each and every one of you–

–a delicious, crash-free, wonderful Thanksgiving.

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