Satire — The Winds of Change

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Image source:  Arne Koehler via WikiMedia Commons

Image source: Arne Koehler via WikiMedia Commons

Bulletin: Strong Winds of Change Expected

Urgent advisory from the US Political Outlook Service: Americans are urged to remain on alert as an upper level political storm moves through Washington DC. Ripples from this disturbance are expected to affect most parts of the US.

Like other political events, this storm features bouts of wordiness containing high levels of hot air. The weight of the rhetoric could bring down long-standing beliefs and elevate the potential for damage to prejudices. As a result, squalls may develop in areas where inflexibility is rampant and intelligent discussion in those regions could be greatly impaired.

As the storm progresses, the atmosphere will vary across the country. People living in white houses are especially vulnerable to despair, while others just a few miles away may experience overwhelming joy.

Be prepared for slippery promises and rapid changes of position, and use caution in all political conversations.

A Winds of Change advisory means conditions are ripe for governmental transformation. Americans should be aware the Winds of Change can bring positive conditions, as long as the currents flow in the right direction. However, once the storm has passed, it is possible nothing will have changed, even if everything is different.

This advisory remains in effect until January 20, 2009.


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