The Truth About Lying

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Ima Awnestgirl is searching for a few good probity experts. Hirees will be expected to sniff out blatant fallacies, especially those padded with hypocrisy and insincerity overtones.

In some circles probity experts are referred to as cow pattie detectors. And if you’re looking for a job, it’s a hot field. Just be warned—the work may be more difficult than you think.

“Most people believe they have an innate ability to figure out when the dung is steaming,” says Ms. Awnestgirl, president of Rectitude, a consulting firm specializing in honesty issues. “But research has proven that’s not true.”

Scientists agree modern technology is the main reason for a declining capacity to detect deceit. Thanks to electronic devices, more falsehoods can be spread faster than ever, with a lot less effort. The quantity and speed of today’s tale-telling tend to overwhelm the mental equipment designed to filter it.

Translation: We’re hiking through a heap of hoax and we haven’t a hunch.

While truth and honesty seem to be on the wane, there may be hope for the future. Many governments and companies are taking notice of the research and conducting combined studies. Ms. Awnestgirl says the collaboration should lead to rapid growth in lie-based statistics. She adds that an abundance of accurate information will help push interest in lying to the next level.

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