The Summer of Home Repairs – Part II

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Continuing the Carpenter Country saga that ended with:…just before she noticed the kitchen faucet was leaking

Several different forms of repair were tried, but the leak dripped on and soon became a puddle. At that point, Home Fix-it got another visit and a new faucet was purchased.

“Done at last,” the repairman said, after the installation. And when nothing broke or collapsed for two whole seconds, he grabbed his pole and went fishing.

Right after he left, the short one decided to replace the still-damp shelf paper covering the bottom of the sink’s cabinet.

Scissors in hand, she lowered herself to the floor, wiggled her head and shoulders into the narrow space. Boy, this is a tight squeeze, she thought. Either the cabinet has shrunk or I’ve gotten wider.

From then on things didn’t get any better. When she tried to measure and cut, the paper rolled up. When she finally managed to push the long sheet into the rear corner, the edges curled under. And when she thought the end of the job was in sight, it really wasn’t–since the backing still had to be peeled off.

After five long minutes, she managed to slip a fingernail between the edges of the paper and peel away the underlayer. But before she could press the gluey coating to the cabinet floor, it stuck to itself.

Then, like fly paper–it stuck to her.

As the short one tried to wrestle the gummy layers into submission, she heard the back door open–then an abrupt silence–followed by a laugh, a sigh, a sob and a disbelieving, “What the…heck!”

Needless to say, there are no more home repair jobs planned for this year.

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