The Summer of Home Repairs – Part I

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In Carpenter Country, this has been the summer of home repairs. It started with a new kitchen floor and ended with shelf paper.

In between there was the shutter, the back storm door, the deck, the sliding door and the kitchen sink with faucet.

The shutter popped off the house when the short one let the back door slam. A simple repair job, right…except Home Fix-it had to special order the color.

By the time the factory-fresh trim-up was attached to the house, the back storm door had cracked. A somewhat bigger job, but thanks to the able repairman the task was manageable.

No sooner had the storm door been installed and the guy with the tools hugged for his effort, then the short one stepped out to the deck and a board gave way.

“What the heck,” the repairman said. “Should be a simple patch job.” He removed the broken two by four only to find–yup, you guessed it–every plank needed to be replaced.

Two weeks and much hammering later, the short one looked out on a renovated deck. But by now the glass in the sliding door had clouded over.

The repairman was getting cranky. On the other hand, the manager at Home Fix-it started smiling as soon as she saw him drive up.

Luckily, the slider took only a day to set in place. Another job well done, the short one thought…

…just before she noticed the kitchen faucet was leaking.

(Like Pauline tied to the railroad tracks, this part of the saga ends with: To Be Continued. The short one hopes you’ll tune in for Part Two: The Shelf Paper Repair Job-–to be featured in the next issue of Top Drawer Ink.)

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