The Sea of Hyperbole

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Despite the drought affecting much of the US, the Sea of Hyperbole continues to maintain record high levels.

“Americans can rest assured we are closely monitoring the level of Hyperbole, and will do everything in our power to make sure it never runs dry,” says Layinit Onthicke, spokesperson for the US Department of Embellishment.

The Sea of Hyperbole is a popular recreation area located between Molehill Mountain and Hog Wash. Those two tourist attractions draw huge crowds during the political season, typically defined as the final two months leading up to elections. The local airline, Flights of Fancy, offers daily excursions to the Sea of Hyperbole, and the scenic area is frequented by politicians and others who enjoy lounging on the shore, indulging in flowery language, fish tales, and cock’n’bull stories.

There was some concern that the Sea of Hyperbole might suffer as the tributaries filling it—including the main contributor, the River of Lies—began to experience reduced flows. However, studies conducted by the Department of Embellishment, which is charged with designing, damming, and dredging America’s tall talk infrastructure, show otherwise.

“Rumors of the death of the Sea of Hyperbole are greatly exaggerated,” says Mr. Onthicke. “The River of Lies will produce ample runoff for the foreseeable future.”

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