Essay — The Publicity Tour

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Our young adult e-novel, The SkyHorse, has been on the market for almost a month and while being published has been thrilling, exciting, and wonderful–it’s also been demanding.

SkyHorse 3D Cover CompressedBefore going public entered the picture, I thought coming up with a new scene for every other chapter in our book was tough.

Actually, that was the fun part.

The hard work started right after the publishing company accepted our story and the hoorays died down. All of a sudden, there was a contract to consider, a galley to proofread, cover art to decide on, blog posts to write and weblog interviews to give.

Thank goodness I have a partner!

She was always ready to answer the list of queries sent by interviewers. In fact, she was so good at it, I threw in a question of my own: “Are we done yet?”

That got me a smile and a headshake–which meant the next venue was Facebook and Twitter or more Web Logs.

I’m not complaining. I know getting the word out is what sells books. The problem for me is learning the ins and outs of being a published co-author. Between that and the need to blog post, I’m lucky if I have time to get three fictional words on paper.

And I think my partner is starting to miss writing imaginary tales, too.

The other day, when I asked which blog is next, she said, “How about we get back to our new heroine, who’s waiting on the beach for the pirates to land?”

I hope she means it.

I am so ready!


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