The Perfect Gift

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Christmas is almost here–-soon Santa Claus will be slipping down chimneys and dropping off perfect gifts in millions of homes.

And thanks to his armies of good-hearted elves, who’ve cooked meals, trimmed trees, decorated shelters and wrapped the whole world in their arms, many others without chimneys will also be able to enjoy a special holiday.

In Carpenter Country, Santa’s been dropping in on the short one all year. A few of the perfect gifts he’s handed out were good health and good fortune, followed closely by fun trips to visit old friends, a lovely family wedding, plus a fast jaunt to Texas to see two grandsons stand tall in their new Air Force blues. Next week, just before Silent Night gets tuned up, church bells will ring in another family wedding.

But the list doesn’t end there. The short one has a few more thoughts to add.

The first is THANKS for reading our newsletter. If this page could hold a camera, she’d ask everyone to stand in front of it, squeeze together, smile and say cheese. Then she’d frame the photo and set it on her desk so she could see each of you every day.

You are the most perfect gift of all.

Merry Christmas!

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