The Frightful Economy

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Looking for a scare this Halloween? If you like your fear delivered realistically, consider a box-office-topping spooky movie, The Frightful Economy, which is receiving killer reviews.

The Frightful Economy is a full color 3-D film by US Government Productions, the same outfit that brought America the daunting 1930’s movie "The Great Depression."

Full of disturbing scenes of ordinary people pinching pennies to death while frantic retailers try to save themselves by slashing costs and knocking down prices, The Frightful Economy is a true reality horror flick. You’ll cringe during the hair-raising close-ups of Runaway Spending and Expanding Government, two of the film’s main characters. Those scenes are the primary reason for the movie’s "R" rating. On the econometric scale "R" is reserved for depictions of recession, an event that causes nightmares in working adults.

The Frightful Economy also features performances by Menace, an intimidating actor with an ominous expression, and Financial Disaster, who manages to lurk around every corner without actually being seen. The interplay between Financial Disaster, Menace and Expanding Government is a genuine masterpiece of dramatic theatrics.

From the opening minutes to the unsatisfying official ending, The Frightful Economy leaves the viewer with the suspicion the whole story has not been revealed. That feeling may be prophetic. Rumors abound that US Government Productions is considering the possibility of a sequel, to be titled "The Double Dip Recession."

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