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Being with family for the Thanksgiving holiday is an American tradition. Everyone piles into the car and sings “to Grandmother’s house we’ll go.”

The table will be set with Granny’s best china and crystal. The menu includes roast turkey with giblet gravy, corn bread stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

A lovely Norman Rockwell setting.

Except for those who have to work on turkey day–like the nurses, orderlies and aids staffing our hospitals. Waitresses, waiters, chefs serving and cooking for others. Servicemen, police and wildlife officers on duty and protecting us.

And let’s not forget the patients in medical facilities. People displaced by catastrophic storms. The home-alone elderly. They may all be eating turkey, but most likely not with their families.

Of course, who’s to say the family will even be gathering together. Grandma and grandpa might be eating dinner in Vegas or on a ship cruising in the Caribbean. Sons, daughters, even grandkids could be waiting by the phone for a call to work. Aunts and uncles may be enjoying a slice of pie while serving at the nearest soup kitchen.

So while it would be wonderful to have family crowding around a table groaning with food while Grandma carries in the bird and Grandpa stands ready to carve the first slice, the reality is many may be observing the traditional meal in a different setting.

Here in Carpenter Country we’re thankful for a day that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Whatever form your holiday takes–with family or colleagues or friends, home alone or dining out–we wish you a warm and happy Thanksgiving.

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