Thanksgiving Myths

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Here in Carpenter Country, the short one was thinking about Thanksgiving, and how great it must have been for the Pilgrims to sit down with their Indian friends to share a wonderful harvest.

And what a menu–turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn bread, gravy, cranberries, pumpkin pie.

Hmmm–sounds almost too good to be true.

And a quick check shows it is. Seems most of the short one’s grade school turkey day learning was no more than a myth.

So, what’s the truth? As usual there are conflicting stories.

According to historians the first feast was just that, a first feast, and not the beginning of a tradition. Also the celebration could have occurred anywhere from late September to early November. The menu was made up of venison and wild fowl, which meant the bird may or may not have been a wild turkey. Fruit and dried corn probably rounded out the meal. There was no dancing, playing games or singing.

Indian scholars interpret the day differently. In their telling ducks, geese and venison, most likely brought by Massasoit, the Indian sachem, were the items on the menu. Only Massasoit was asked to join the feast, and he, not the Pilgrims, invited the other members of his tribe. Any good cheer was caused by a lot of “home brew.”

Whichever version you choose to believe, and there are many others, the general consensus was and is–the Pilgrims wore no black clothes, pointed hats or shoes with buckles.

Well, that certainly punctures the short one’s balloon of childhood memories. However, she’ll get happy again as soon as she sits down to a holiday dinner with all the trimmings.

But before she does, she wants to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.

And that’s no myth!

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